Use 99 Ranch Market Gift Card purchase but when we return the product, we only got store credit.

Not resolved

Use 99 Ranch Market Gift Card purchase at Gardena but when we return the product to Rowland Heights Nogales, we got store credits. OK with store credit BUT ...., they only allow us to spend this store credit $138.42 one time USE ONLY plus only allow to use this store credit in Rowland Heights Nogales store ONLY???

What kind of policy is it? We want to see Store Manager, they did not let us to see store Manager immediately?? what kind of service is it? My receipts shows that this is customer copy, one of service woman ask me , why do you have this receipts?

I do not understand why can not I have this receipts since it "PRINT as customer copy"??? If 99 Ranch Market is a fair market company, why they allow us to use ONLY at 99 Ranch Market at Rowland Heights Nogales. Don't forget that we can return products in any 99 ranch market with 7 days but allow customers to use store credit in one store ???

This is kind of strange thing that I never met before.

99 Ranch Market in Rancho Cucamonga, California - Bad quality food and terrible customer service


we bought mildew food from this store several times.

when we made additonal trips to return, the store managers are very rude and imp atience, even yelling to the customer too.

we also wrote a letter to the corp office, but no response what so ever. I don't understand how come they put up a mission statement like "customers satifaction is our top priority", it is just a LIE!

my mom is a senior citizen and she got really scared that day. when she got home, she didn't even want to eat dinner, and her blood presurre had gone up.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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